Like Dreaming, Backwards - A Play by Kellie Powell

SUMMARY: A college student, Nell is confronted by three messengers - hallucinations - who are manifestations of her depression. One takes the form of a childhood friend (Libby), another of her estranged father, and the third takes the form of a former lover (Deck). These voices in Nell's mind persuade her that her only remaining option is suicide. The play is made up of three scenes between Nell and her "messengers" and four monologues - the first three monologues take place after Nell's death, and are delivered by a casual acquaintance (Yale), a close friend (Natalie), and Nell's mother (Leah), each reacting to Nell's suicide. The play ends with Nell, speaking directly to the audience, as she tries to explain what her suffering is like.

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